People of the group

Jiří Čejka

prof. Ing., DrSc.,

Pavla Eliášová

Dr., researcher

Maksym Opanasenko

PhD, researcher

Mariya Shamzhy

PhD, researcher

Jan Přech

PhD, researcher

Michal Mazur

PhD, researcher

Mohamed Infas

PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Milan Eliáš

Mgr., researcher

Roman Barakov

PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow

Research topics

”Soluble” Zeolites

Motivation: all the existing approaches for design of zeolites for application in fine chemical or pharmaceutical syntheses target the development of secondary architecture. Our idea is based on elaboration of ...

Asymmetrically functionalized 2D metal carbides for spintronic

  • MX = metal carbides as new 2D materials (since 2011), now about 19 types
  • Huge potential for energy storage (Li-batteries)1,2, electrocatalysis and photocatalysis, biosensors, adsorption etc.
  • Our topic: asymmetrically ...

Synthesis of Metal Organic Frameworks for Biological Applications

  • Reactive oxygen species are important in wound healing process. However excess of reactive oxygen may cause the death of cells. Therefore it is important to introduce reactive oxygen species in ...