Research groups at the department

Biophysical Chemistry of Protein Complexes

Biophysical and biochemical approaches to understand the details of how the activity and function of protein-protein complexes are regulated.

Complex Polymer Systems

Self-assembling polymeric systems: theory and simulations.

CUCAM project

Charles University Centre of Advanced Materials

Electrophoresis and Chromatography

Capillary electrophoresis. High Performance Liquid Chromatography. Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

Polymer Synthesis and Biomaterials

Highly functional polymer materials. Stimuli-responsive and „smart“ polymers for biomedical applications.

Soft Matter

Light and neutron scattering, TEM, AFM, computer modelling.

Soft Matter Theory

Computer modelling of (bio)polymeric systems, quantum chemistry.

Specialty Polymers

Conjugated polymers and polyelectrolytes. Functional Network polyacetylenes.

Czech Zeolite Association

non-profit organization, promotion of zeolite research.