Conjugated polymers and polyelectrolytes

Supramolecular systems

Supramolecular systems – metallo-supramolecular and constitutional dynamics polymers

Luminescence chemo-sensors

Biological application

Polymers for biological and medical applications

People of the group

Ondřej Sedláček

RNDr., Ph.D.

Assistant professor

Semira Bener


Postdoctoral fellow

Vyshakh Manayath Panakkal

Doctoral student

Olena Paiuk

Doctoral student

Niccolò Lusiani

Doctoral student

Tuba Ayça Tunca


Doctoral student

Research topics

Polymer Synthesis and Biomaterials

3 Aug 2020

  • Photocatalyzed controlled radical polymerizations
  • Chemistry of poly(2-oxazoline)s
  • Polymer bioconjugations
  • Stimuli-responsive nanomaterials
  • Drug delivery systems
  • Polymeric artificial cell mimics

Selected Publications