Bruker D8 ADVANCE powder diffractometer

Bruker D8 ADVANCE powder diffractometer allows to be operated in three modes:

  • reflection measurements using the Bragg-Brentano parafocussing arrangement,

  • reflection measurements using the parallel-beam arrangement,

  • transmission measurements.

The instrument is equipped with a static primary source of radiation and with necessary optical path components that are fully controllable from the driving computer. The diffracted radiation is detected by an energy-dispersive 1-D detector, enabling filtering off the unnecessary fluorescence and Kβ radiation without the need of employing a monochromator. The software environment allows for the collection and evaluation of diffraction data obtained for all types of samples studied within the CUCAM project. The software allows for post-measurement data processing usual with sample powders, like data smoothing, background stripping, stripping of K contribution and similar corrections. Included is to possibility to search in databases by comparing the experimental d-spacing values with tabulated ones and by chemical composition.