CZ-UK Workshop on Nanomaterials

Czech-British workshop focusing on research, development and application possibilities of nanomaterials will take place in Karolinum, Prague on 22 and 23 October 2019

The workshop will feature top experts from the UK and the Czech Republic:

  • Phoebe Allan (University of Birmingham)
  • Pavel Jelinek (Institute of Physics of the CAS)
  • Paul Attfield (University of Edinburgh)
  • Jiří Malek (The University of Pardubice)
  • Rob Bell (University College London)
  • Petr Nachtigall (Faculty of Science, Charles University)
  • Richard Catlow(Cardiff University)
  • Maksym Opanasenko (Faculty of Science, Charles University)
  • Andrew Goodwin (University of Oxford)
  • Michal Otyepka (Regional Center of Advanced Technologies and materials of Palacký University)
  • Joe Hriljac (University of Birmingham)
  • Radek Zbořil Regional Center of Advanced Technologiesand materials of Palacký University)