Johnson Matthey Academic Conference 2023 – The Best Poster Award goes to Prague

3rd year PhD student Anastasia Kurbanova (from Dept. of Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry) won the best poster award at the Johnson Matthey Academic Conference 2023. Anastasia is doing her PhD studies under supervision of Dr. Jan Přech in the research group of Prof. Jiří Čejka with the main research focus on synthesis and catalytic application of zeolites. Since her 2nd year she became a Johnson Matthey plc (JM) sponsored PhD student and she have been conducting research under joined supervision of the Charles University and JM company representatives (Dr. Ming-Feng Hsieh and Dr. Nicolas Bats). Johnson Matthey is global leader in sustainable technologies headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Johnson Matthey is organized into four main businesses: Clean Air, Catalyst Technologies, Hydrogen Technologies, and Platinum Group Metals Services. JM sponsors many PhD students every year in disciplines ranging from state-of-the-art materials characterization to process engineering a the Johnson Matthey Academic Conference brings these students together.