Departmental seminar on 11th April 2023

We have a guest, Prof. Marija Bešter-Rogač from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The topic of her lecture is Ionic liquids in solutions: from electrolytes to surfactants.

In recent decades, ionic liquids (ILs) have attracted attention due to their suitability as systems for a variety of applications. However, the growing number of studies dealing with the physicochemical properties of ILs in their pure state has been extended to investigations of their mixtures with molecular co-solvents. It turned out that ILs in solutions can serve as excellent (electrolyte) model systems, since they exist in a variety of structures and many of them are fully miscible with different solvents, while the solubility of "classical" electrolytes is limited. In addition, ILs with long alkyl chains behave similarly to conventional surfactants, forming  aggregates in water. However, the possible variations in chain length and counterions make them ideal for studying ion and isomer effects on self-assembly processes in solutions.

The lecture will take place in person, in the hall CH6, Faculty of Science, Hlavova 8, Praha 2.