Departmental seminar on 25th May 2022

This time we have a guest, RNDr. Zdeněk Lánský, Ph.D. from Institute of Biotechnology, Biocev, Czech Academy of Sciences. The topic of his lecture is Reconstituting cytoskeleton - one molecule at a time.

Cytoskeletal proteins drive cellular motion for example during cell division or morphogenesis. Ensembles of cytoskeletal proteins self-assemble to drive these processes. We are interested in the roles of the individual cooperating proteins and the principles that underpin their collective action.

We use single molecule imaging and manipulation techniques to quantitatively describe these biological systems. I will discuss two recent projects from the lab, covering the role of cross-linking proteins in actin contractility and the role of the neurodegeneration-related protein tau in regulating access to microtubules.


The seminar will take place in the lecture hall CH3 in person.

The online option remains available only on special request (e.g., for colleagues who are ill/injured or have any other important reason for which they cannot come).